Our People

Jim Hadley – President/CEO

Jim had his beginings sweeping floors at a Houseboat Manafacturing Company and worked his way into heading up the best Houseboat Manafacturing Company around – Majestic Yachts, Inc. Jim posses the experience, insight, and futuristic outlook that serves as the backbone of Majestic Yachts. Jim not only has used his vast experience, but also his focused deternination to lead Majestic Yachts Inc. through these tough economic times when many other yacht producers have fell by the wayside.


Mithchell Higginbotham – VP of Production

Mitchell has been building houseboats since 1968. This one fact says it all. Experience, quality, and performance is what Mitchell is all about. This is the man who will be in charge of the construction of your houseboat at Majestic Yachts Inc.

Willaim Bill Padget – VP of Sales

Bill is all about getting you the houseboat you want – not the houseboat someone wants you to have. Bill has over 20 years experience with CADD and stands ready and willing to help you navigate the purchasing of your next yacht. Bill's office sets beside a room dedicated to samples of everything that goes into your houseboat. Just across the hall is the conference room, where he meets with you to ensure that your yacht is built exactly as you want. Majestic Yachts, Inc. builds the finest houseboats, made for you, with 100% customization, and quality that exceeds customer expectation so you can “live like royalty”.

Our Staff

The staff at Majestic Yachts are some of the most experienced, professional, hard working, caring people that you will fine anywhere. Carpenters, Seamstress, Electricians, Welders, all waiting to apply their craftsmanship to produce a Majestic Yacht. There is only one place where you can get a houseboat like this – Majestic Yachts Inc.